SafeSend Returns

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Introducing SafeSend Returns® , the only electronic system that automates the Assembly, Delivery, Tracking, and Receipt of Tax Returns.

Contryman Associates, PC, CPAs has deployed SafeSend Returns to provide you with:

  • Receive Your Tax Returns Securely and With Ease: SafeSend Returns allows us to deliver your return securely and walks you through the steps of downloading and saving the PDF of your tax return to your device or you can receive your tax return via secure email.

  • For Individuals: SafeSend Returns saves you time and allows you to e-sign your 1040 and 1040N, receive estimated tax reminder emails, and pay your taxes directly from your device.

  • For Businesses: SafeSend Returns allows you to download, sign, and conveniently distribute K-1s electronically. Not to mention the time it saves you, so you can focus on what really matters, your business!

  • Environmentally Safe: SafeSend Returns is just another way to go green, no more ink, postage, or paper which is great for the planet which makes it great for you and future generations to come.

  • Additional Benefits: With SafeSend Returns you can access your return at any time plus it is very easy to use!

If you would like to receive your tax returns using SafeSend instead of the traditional paper copy, please ask a Contryman team member.

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